Ulfert  Janssen

Ulfert Janssen, born and raised in East Friesland, in the uppermost north-west of Germany’s North Sea coast, is a passionate painter with a professional design background.

He discovered his interest in art early on when he took painting and drawing lessons from the well-known artist Bodo Olthoff as a teenager.

Ulfert first discovered the beauty of rust when he experimented with acrylic painting on weathering steel as a ‘canvas’. Since then he became fascinated by the elusive possibility of rust as an art medium, and he developed his special techniques to make his own rusted plates to create one of a kind backgrounds for his paintings. He also experiments with charred wood as a medium, where you can create different colors and depths when charring the wood in order to work with the grains, structures and knotholes in the painting. Ulfert Janssen combines two very different worlds, capturing in high-contrast paintings with intense and lively acrylic colors on rusted metal plates and charred wood.


Next to painting Ulfert is the founder of GANNET Design, a design studio based in Switzerland.
GANNET Design’s expertise ranges from brand strategy, product design for lifestyle products as well as car designs and motorcycle designs with clients in USA and various countries in Europe. He was born with gasoline in his blood and has special passion for bespoke motorbikes and Caferacer.

His style of drawing and character lines are also valued by corporate customers who like to have their subjects set in scenes with his dynamic illustrations.

Prior to establishing GANNET, Ulfert Janssen was a car designer at Renault. During his 10-year tenure, he was one of the key members at the Renault’s design studio in Barcelona and was involved in all major advance design, concept models and pre-production projects. He has been also sent to Renault’s overseas affiliates such as Renault/Samsung Motors in Korea and Nissan Motor CO., LTD. in Japan, as an expatriate where he conducted special projects and developed production cars.

Ulfert Janssen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, USA

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3453 Heimisbach

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