Waiting and not realizing

Sculpture garden in Aurich, Germany

Waiting and not realizing.
Together in a group, but still alone. Everyone hangs after their thoughts
connected and isolated at the same time.
Lost and lonely in our own history.
Three…so close together…and yet little do they know…that their thoughts…
Ideas of a new personal horizon …so far away from the others and so different…
They are figures similar to us, sympathetic, friendly waiting with us…but still strange…
Waiting…probably for something other than us…..
Similar to bollards in the sea, the last hold on solid ground…
The connection and anchoring to moving horizons.

Oxymoron – contrasts and unanimity: 1+1 = 3

Contrast and tension are important elements in the works of art, like an oxymoron, in which two apparent contradictions enter into a new symbiosis and allowing apparent opposites to naturally flow together.

The stylistic device is used to force something that can hardly be expressed or even unspeakable into a pair of opposites and thereby bring it to life. These apparent tensions create a very intense and interesting relationship and conversation within the artwork. Each point of contrast to the other reinforces and enhances the characteristics and quality of the counterpart, elevating the whole to a greater level. 1+1= 3